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Do the thing...

Random musings

I am often plagued by the "doer" in me.

It is this infinite loop of an energizer bunny that always wants to get sh*t done.

It used to run my life...

And then ran me into the ground.

I used to validate myself by what I was doing.

Do do do... dooo dooo dooo

Was the only way I had valuuuue.

Then break your wrists, get a chronic illness, head trauma... whatever it is

Life happens and you are forced to let go.

Here, I began facing my whole self.

The voices and opinions believed

The action and inaction

Dang... that's a lot to be response-able for.

Can't I go back to sleep?

It's not easy to be a human being. It's mindless to be a human doing (That's why we now have AI)

Being present

Embracing the void

Surrendering to what is

Aren't things we can simply do

It's not an outcome we can control, a task we can fulfill.

These are the things we resist out of safety,

to avoid fear and force permanence.

And yet this is what keeps us stuck,

living the path of least resistance,

Doing what we do best.

With modern science, look at what our human "doings" have manifest.

What if we could be better beings...

Presence. Softening. Surrendering. Loving. Living.

Human beings.

What would be possible then? What would we do then?

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