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Coaching + Intuitive Guidance

"Everything is either a mirror or a projection..."

In sports, business or in life, we have been most efficient and effective when we have a humble coach or teaching guiding the way and providing us with  feedback.
They aren't trying to change the end result, but rather adding things to make a difference to your game or performance.
A coach is someone on the sidelines, watching play by play how you execute life.

Often times, we find it difficult to follow through with things in life or overcome obstacles because we believe "this is the way it is". We are conditioned to believe what our parents or society taught us and our subconscious minds hold us back. A Life Coach is instrumental in helping us identify those limiting beliefs or breakthrough reoccurring paradigms.

We are all out to create a life that we want... in other words, a life we designed. And in order to do that, there is a constant call to look within. By default you will tell yourself what you want to hear and a coaches' job is to show you your blindspots and be an interruption to the status quo. By addressing the cause of our breakdowns and limitations, we can bring about exponential growth and rapidly shift our lives.

With valuable tools for implementation and integration, we can cause profound shifts in all areas of our lives (ie. health, finances, relationships, etc.).

If you are looking to improve ANY area of your life, coaching is the best way to achieve that and quickly.

Check out my coaching programs below.

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Group Programs

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    An online personal development journey

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    From 500 Canadian dollars
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