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Conscious Connected Breathwork


Conscious Connected Breathwork is a mindful practice where we use our breath as our mantra (or focal point of presence). Creating an infinite, flowing breath, eliminating any pauses between inhale or exhale. This is a gentle practice of breath awareness and consciousness, a beautiful dance of effort and surrender. Resulting in you experiencing yourself as the medicine.

Breathwork is a rapid way to regulating our nervous system so we no longer perceive life as a threat. It allows the body to relax and release contraction, creating more space for healing, possibilities and flow in life and our breath.

This practice is done in a private or group setting either in person or online with a practitioner, such as myself in a safe space. This is a gently guided sound healing journey connecting you deeply with yourself..

Learn more on breathwork with my video below..

Benefits of Breathwork

  • Improves circulation and heart health

  • Aids with digestion and enhances metabolic function

  • Lowers cortisol levels (stress hormones)

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Detoxifies the whole body

  • Increases confidence and acceptance of self

  • Decreases anxiety and depression

  • Heightens emotional intelligence and focus

  • Improves relationships and overall quality of life


"Some doors only open from the inside and breath is away of accessing that door."
- Max Strome

What some my clients are saying...

"Working with Vela and experiencing the incredibly gentle yet profound way that she guides you through breathwork, has been life changing for me. I feel so completely safe, nurtured and honoured when I am in her presence, and it has allowed me to work through healing in a way I never knew was possible. She is magic. I always leave feeling 100 times lighter, and yet more grounded in myself. My husband and I recently attended a private session with Vela and he was so inspired by her introduction to breathwork, and we left feeling completely relaxed, connected and bonded in a way that we have never found in a traditional therapy session. I’m not sure how she does it, but her sessions are magic, and all you do is breath and relax!"

"Vela is a light worker and medicine woman who greeted and held me with her essence the moment I walked through the door, I surrendered immediately into the portal of her wisdom and embodiment in such a way that I knew my own wisdom and embodiment were welcomed."

"Milena has been a constant source of grounding for me.  She has held space for me to explore what I needed during my husband's unique cancer and after his death.   I knew I needed someone who could handle my big emotions and release.  I knew I needed someone who was confident, secure and ready to take on anything that I was about to experience in our healing sessions.   I know I need someone who will allow, encourage and support me elevating myself as I grow into a new version of myself as a mother, widow, and woman and contributing member of my communities.    
Our sessions have been everything from releasing deep grief, anger, frustration,  and welcoming excitement, connectedness, vitality and love.   I have experienced other worlds in her sessions, while feeling safe and supported. I never know what I will experience in each session,  however I always know I will walk out feeling lighter,  more connected and clear about what I need to explore next.    
Milena steps into her own strength and honouring of self.  She practices what she sees possible for others and she is connected to the realms which are visual and tactile and those that are unseen.  By standing in her own power, she allows me to own my truth and space in this world.    
All of this happens in a space in which I feel I am doing less.  Less thinking, less trying to figure things out, less running around and less busy.
I feel rested and honoured, I feel nourished and nurtured.  I feel restored and feminine.  I feel like a goddess.  
Thank you Milena for all that you do, and all that you bring to the world."

- M.T.

Available options for in-person and online Breathwork. 

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Private / Couples

Small Groups

Group Sessions

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