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I went into my 200hr Yoga training with one goal.

To lean in + learn more about myself & I definitely did...

I am so fortunate for my teacher Jaylene of @foundations_yoga_school for her leadership, guidance, knowledge + support. These slides are some of my big takeaways when it comes to my life + Yoga.

Identifying as a "dancer", I was constantly chasing the sensation of a good stretch and the goal of being more flexible. I thought "Oh man I'll be so good at Yoga." + add the strength of body building, I was certain I could conquer this challenge. To no avail, it was more challenging than I could have ever imagined.

The physical practice of Asana showed me the leaks in my foundation. Initially I was uneasy, ungrounded + found myself trying to get somewhere to feel something. It started with Tadasana - the blueprint of poses. My weight was on my toes, constantly dancing in + out of my Flight/Fight response, locking my knees + relying on my joints for stability + closing my chest to hide and limit my heart, while looking down to feel small.

Since my old mentor introduced me to Louise Hay's work, I believe that your body is a direct reflection of the mind + emotions. I was naive to think I only had a heart condition + no other beliefs to reprogram until I slowed down, removed distractions + devoted myself to my mat.

I noticed my mind slip away + I'd follow it to feel safe. My breath would become shallow, my body would wobble as muscles would relax. I'd feel the rise of fear as I almost fell over + my ego screaming "You're a dancer... you should be able to hold your balance!"

& there it was... "You should know better." - a limiting belief that haunts my daily life. *Insert new found forgiveness, love + compassion here*

I am grateful for the beginning of this journey + the opportunity to share this with others. There is a lot of junk that gets in the way of me remembering the divinity I am + it takes me some time + accountability to recognize that it's always been here. Like everyone, I just forget sometimes and am grateful for the opportunity to remember.

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