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Private & Corporate Events

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Corporate Events

In corporate settings, I provide a holistic and transformative experience focused on enhancing overall well-being and growth. Through a custom combination of activities, participants are guided towards a renewed sense of purpose and direction. These offerings are a unique blend of personal and professional development by integrating mindfulness practices, movement exercises, and targeted coaching sessions. These elements work synergistically to foster confidence, a positive mindset, improved team dynamics, and enhanced problem-solving and leadership skills. Attendees not only gain valuable insights into their individual strengths and goals but also acquire practical tools to navigate the challenges of both personal and professional life. These services create a supportive environment where individuals can recharge, reflect, and build a solid foundation for sustained success in their professional endeavors.

Previous experience includes working with School Districts, Small to Medium sized Businesses, Non-Profit and Private companies and more. In-person and online options available.

To discuss options for your next upcoming team building, strategic action meeting or corporate wellness event, contact me.

Private Events

What if we didn't just celebrate the big, monumental moments... but celebrated all the moments in between?

Blessed we are to live this life.

So why not create a ritual? A ceremony? 

To simple celebrate life.

It is my pleasure to work with you and honour your life in a sacred way. I'm here to help you celebrate and honour the turning of every page or chapter in your life.

I have experience in creating ceremonies for...
Bridal parties




Healthy Living

and more...

Contact me for more details on how we can work together on creating a ritual, ceremony or gathering for your special life.

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