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Light Source (coming soon!)

A resource center for enhancing wellness and overall energy.

To be the light; to be positive, to be loving and experience joy, there IS darkness.
You can't have one without the other.

Light needs darkness to exist.
As darkness needs light.

I'm not here to bypass that life is easy, and I'm also not here to tell you it's all negative. 
Growing is uncomfortable and painful at times...
But what comes of the road less traveled, facing our shadows, is something magical.

This resource center is full of tools such as...
   - Breathwork and Pranayama
   - Movement Sessions
(yoga, dance, workouts)
   - Meditations
   - Recipes and other resources
(such as journal prompts, Playlist, conversations, etc)
   - Monthly Workshops and Ceremonies

All created with the intention of being a beacon or anchor to navigate the sea of life, as they have been for me. They are modalities that I have used personally that may or may not work for you.

Trigger Warning
They may trigger something in you, which is great! That means its working and I am doing what I came here to do and serve an awakening of more love and light.

My tools are not for everyone, therefore there is no commitment required. However there are no refunds and copyright laws are in effect.

I pray that my tools provide you with illumination of what you're navigating in this world and serve as an invitation to discover something deeper about you.

Check back for updates soon!

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