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Ocean Medicine for the Sacred Feminine

I spent a week on Vancouver Island (thank you for your wishes) with a dear sister and had some incredible ah-ha's. I am so grateful for the spaciousness and what downloaded.

A little background...

In a Breathwork session a year ago, I received a very clear sign from my body that it was time to remove my IUD. I never realized how much pain and discomfort I was in until it came out. WOW!

I've experienced a lot of trauma with my womb space, as many women have and needed to honour deep healing. I've been celebrating and playing close attention to my bleed and how it reflects in the lunar cycle... as well as how that impacts my life in its entirety.

As I sat on the beach this last week, I watched the tide go out. Feeling the full of the water as it pulled away from the shore. My heart longed to be in the water however the conditions weren't supportive of my desires. I turned my back to the water and danced in the sand, under the sun for a few hours before the waters returned.

As the sea became more inviting, my body softened and sat in a malasana squat welcoming the energy of mother earth and the sea salt into my root chakra. The pulsing of the water on my womb space offered deep healing as I embraced the abundance of energy throughout my body. Flooded with gratitude for the peace and health of my body, mind, breath and heart. What a journey it's been.

This Full Moon is a beautiful opportunity to revisit and reflect on the intentions you set for yourself over the last 6 - 18 months.

Are you integrating and living your intentions? Are they still in alignment with who you are today?

How can you continue to release all that no longer serves you and embrace the void?

It isn't always easy to let things go especially when we love and feel so deeply.

But to be honest, I couldn't embrace this spaciousness and void without feeling so held by my sisters and support system. The healing that has occurred within my heart inspires me to share my love and medicine with all who seek connection and a safe space to fall into the fortress of the feminine.

May these tides turn and show us how to come into harmony with ourselves and awaken the beauty within.

To la luna,

Gracias por la medicina <3


And remember to breathe...


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