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Covid cure

Updated: May 28, 2022

Yesterday, a student of mine expressed with tears in her eyes that she had a stomach ache and wasn’t feeling well. My heart ached from not being able to hug her or comfort her while we waited for her mom. I went to bed feeling a heaviness in my heart..

Many moons ago, we were told that everyone would die from AIDS and now there are people living with it.

Is that what is happening with COVID? A fear of death and illness so real we can’t comfort one another.

Are the masks and social distancing a way of us learning to live with it?

I miss hugging my students.

I know there are parts of the world that have reduced COVID significantly and I can’t help but question why we haven’t had a breakthrough yet. I am sure we all have our own opinions but what if all it took was a CONSCIOUS effort?

Mind over matter. Faith over fear.

I don’t know about you but at this point, I’ve got nothing more to lose than to consider this. Believe me I could wander down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories but it only creates more depression and anxiety for me.

So I turn off the news, I take care of my health and focus on all the good that’s in the world. I consciously connect with what is true - anything being possible.

“What good is that going to do?” You might ask.

Well if we are more conscious of what we are giving out, then we would truly get what what we want in life. As we know, our thoughts become things...

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”

I want everyone in life to have more joy, bliss, peace of mind and abundance! Who wouldn’t want that life?

But if we really wanted it, we’d all be more willing to forgive and practice unconditional love. Just like if we really wanted this pandemic to end, we would be finding ways to turn off the fight or flight stress response.

Do you get stopped at “I can’t”?

What if the only thing it took to cure COVID was a willingness to let go of fear, doubt, limitations, etc.? Would you do it?

Or would you get stopped by being right? The trouble with knowing it all, means there is no growth, no change for you or the world.

There is no ONE way to cure a dis-ease. There are many ways - just like Louise Hay says about washing dishes.

I go beyond being a statistic and a number. For the last year, I’ve prayed for salvation. Today I pray for a new way of learning to live.

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