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Creating the Future

This mornings' journaling prompt:

What are you creating for your future? In a day, a week, a month, a year? A lifetime?

What would it look like?

Now, what if I told you that you could have it all?

Would you believe me?

Or would trust the little voice inside your head?

"Remember to pick up milk" says your wife. "Want me to write it down for you?"

"Nah babe, I've got this."

20 minutes of pacing the grocery store trying to recall what she asked for, you head home frustrated with a few essential items and no milk. Causing yourself unnecessary stress and irritation. Was it worth it?

So as you sit down to postulate and dream of the perfect job, car or husband, notice what comes up.

Do you go to write it down and hear that incent "pffftttt yeah right, that won't happen?" or do you not even consider a new goal because you're so resigned about it?

STOP dancing in your own dilemma. You are in your own way.

And actually, it's not even you that's in the way...

It's your thoughts, feelings, emotions, reasons and considerations that are running the show. The "I can't exercise because I have a bad knee" or "I'm late because the bus was behind". It is all a result of you listening to the voice... the dialogue of your life remains the same.

So no wonder we are resigned and cynical..... who would want to watch the same movie where in each scene the dialogue may some-what alter but the story line remains the same?


Stop tolerating your life.

Stuck in a relationship pattern?

Racking up unnecessary credit card debt?

Watching your personal projects pile up and never having enough time to complete them?

Get responsible and get in action!

It's time for an interruption.

And no one can do that but you.

The universe/god/angels/whatever you believe in will constantly try to get you to wake the eff up... but we are so stuck at being at the effect of our own life that we sometimes miss the messages entirely. Get out of the way and have some integrity in what you're up to in life.

BE YOUR WORD. How do you do that? Communicate.

WRITE DOWN that you need milk or CALL your wife for a reminder - hellooooo accountability!

And if you want those next level, big ticket items... you need next level and big ticket integrity and accountability. You need someone who isn't going to listen to you as who your brain says you are... but rather who you SAY are creating yourself to be and then holds you to that.

Now I'm not saying... go rack up more credit card debt and sign up with a coach.

Get an accountability buddy, someone who sees you as a big person and interrupt your trusting inner companion (and no I'm not referring to your dog). Get in REAL communication with conscious people and stop listening the little voice in the attic that you trust more than reality itself.

That's what makes coaching so effective... and so challenging. Is just that.

As a coach, we are the interruption. If we are good at what we do, you and your life will completely transform.

If we aren't... you'll just learn a bunch more information about how to be a better person and never actually see your dreams/goals come into fruition. You'll just collect more knowledge... the same way the books on your bookshelf are collecting dust.

So go back to your journaling prompts and DREAM BIG.

It can be yours. If you have the courage to admit that you have what it takes and to admit you can't do it alone.

It's time to be vulnerable and take the risk.

Own your story and know that who you wound up being, isn't going to get you there.

It's time for your metamorphosis.

It's time to create that dream. Get out of your own way...

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